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Procter Hall Exterior Renovation

UC Project No. 05178
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Contact:   Barrett Bamberger
PreBid Date:   08/25/2010 10:00 AM EST
PreBid Info:   University of Cincinnati Uptown Campus - West Unversity Hall, 4th Floor, Room 454 51 Goodman Drive Cincinnati OH 45221

Company:   University of Cincinnati Dept of Purchasing
Bid Date:   09/21/2010 02:00 PM EST
Bid Info:   University of Cincinnati Department of Purchasing Room 320 University Hall 51 Goodman Dr Cincinnati OH 45221-0089

Project Location:
Bid Categories:  General Trades
Plumbing and Fire Protection

Public Notes:
UC Project No. 05178 Procter Hall Exterior Renovation University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH

Seperate Bids will be received for:
General Trades Contract - Estimate $4,600,000
Alternate G-1 - Estimate $500,000
Alternate G-2 - Estimate $250,000
Alternate G-3 - Estimate $18,000

Plumbing and Fire Protection - Estimate $20,000
Alternate P-1 - Estimate $0
Alternate P-2 - Estimate $0
Alternate P-3 - Estimate $0

HVAC Contract - Estimate $360,000
Alternate H-1 - Estimate $0
Alternate H-2 - Estimate $0
Alternate H-3 - Estimate $0

Electrical Contract - Estimate $130,000
Alternate E-1 - Estimate $0
Alternate E-2 - Estimate $1,000
Alternate E-3 - Estimate $0

Job Purchase Information:
A complete set of plans, specifications, price inquiry, and bid envelope is available for a purchase price of $110.09, payable to Lynn Imaging.

An electronic copy of plans, specifications, price inquiry is available on CD with a bid envelope for a non-refundable purchase of $79.69, payable to Lynn Imaging

There will be a $19.00 shipping charge for all sets shipped UPS. There will be a $9.00 handling fee for the use of shipper numbers (Fed-Ex or UPS). Mail checks to Lynn Imaging, Attn : Distribution, 5323 Muhlhauser Rd, West Chester, OH 45011

  • 08/31/2010 - Procter Hall Exterior Renov Add01 Email 08-31-10/USPS 09-01-10  Click to View
  • 09/10/2010 - Procter Hall Ext Renov Add02 USPS 09-10-10  Click to View
  • 09/15/2010 - Procter Hall Exterior Renov Add03 USPS 09-15-10  Click to View